Dreams Don’t Have to be BIG, but Everybody Needs One: How Dreams Defeated My Depression

    I sat on the sands in a tidal pool of self-pity. Somewhere between the altar saying, “I do,” and giving birth to children I’d lost myself in this dream called family. Two beautiful children ran along the beach that day while my big strong soldier husband trained to protect our country. My cup … Continue reading “Dreams Don’t Have to be BIG, but Everybody Needs One: How Dreams Defeated My Depression”

Are You Stuck in Your Muck?

  Do you ever get stuck in the muck of “you”? This is how you can discover if you’re stuck in your own muck: 1. For 3 days keep count of how many times you think about yourself, pray for yourself, or feel discouraged about your life. Also keep count of how many times you pray for … Continue reading “Are You Stuck in Your Muck?”

When I Stopped Praying

A few years ago I rode a roller-coaster in prayer. One day my faith would be on the highest of highs and the next day plummeted to the lowest of lows. There was no level ground of faith. Until this difficult time in my life, though my prayers weren’t always answered just as petitioned, they were answered favorable … Continue reading “When I Stopped Praying”

What we have in common with Mary Magdalene

The Hills of Galilee where Mary Magdalene battled her demons. Mary M. battled seven demons. We don’t know how these demons manifested themselves, but it is almost certain they caused mental turmoil and drove Magdalene to lonely places of depression and darkness. Some of us can relate to such places even as Christians because the … Continue reading “What we have in common with Mary Magdalene”

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