5 Steps When You’re Disappointed with your Call

I feel bad even admitting this to you. I was disappointed with God the other day. He hurt my feelings. I really need to brand myself: Andy Lee, author, speaker, and work in progress. This is authentic, real, and genuine faith right here. Broken and hurting, though wanting to be past these growing pains I found myself in an all …

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When You Need God

If you are going through a tough season and you really need God to pull you through, but you struggle to depend on Him, watch this video about depending on God. Hear verses of promise and hope and unpack the meaning of seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness. Please leave a comment of how I can be praying for you. …

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Depend on God, the Battle is Not Yours

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July, I’m reminded that independence runs through our veins. Our country was built on the desire to be independent. We’re taught to be strong and climb that ladder of success. We teach this to our children, don’t we? We want them to grow up to be independent. Dependence Doesn’t Come Naturally Independence …

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