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Digging beneath our English translations brings life into your Bible reading. The Word of God breathes when you study this way. Attending seminary and learning Hebrew and Greek is no longer a prerequisite–nor do you need to depend on somebody else to teach you. Please study for yourself. Excellent resources are available at our fingertips.

This is my favorite, the Key Word Study Bible:


Psalm 103
Bold numbers next to words in The Key Word are linked to the Old Testament or New Testament Dictionaries in the back of the Bible where you learn the Hebrew or Greek word and its different meanings.


My favorite:

  • The Key Word Study Bible   (Buy one or watch for giveaways on my blog and Facebook page! This is THE BEST RESOURCE for serious Bible study warriors.

Great websites:



  •     (The NET Bible is online. It gives detailed notes explaining the editors’ reasons for specific translation wording. Very interesting.)





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