scriptures on hope

31 Scriptures on Hope

I passed by a sign one day that said, “Fear is contagious, but hope is too.” That’s fitting for our current world situation. So many are afraid, and I know some are losing hope even though it seems we are getting closer to the end of the pandemic. But hope is needed in many areas … Continue reading “31 Scriptures on Hope”

31 Scriptures on God’s Faithfulness

Faithfulness. It’s a word that means steady and trustworthy. It’s something all of us need. We need faithful friends, lovers, and teachers. But we live in a world where faithfulness is not valued. Whether it’s in marriage or a job, many don’t work through the hard times. It’s easier to flee. I’m not pointing fingers … Continue reading “31 Scriptures on God’s Faithfulness”

Praying God's Names

Using the Names of God and Jesus to Help You Pray with Power

I don’t think the world has ever collectively felt the need to pray as we do now. Perhaps in past war times, depressions, or other pandemics, but not in recent decades. So many need our prayers. Governing authorities from our local and state governments to our federal law makers need prayer. Our neighbors, friends, and … Continue reading “Using the Names of God and Jesus to Help You Pray with Power”

you are loved

Soak in God’s Love For You- 28 verses on God’s love

It’s that time of year. The time of hearts, candy, and red roses, the month of love. Some of us hate it, dread it, wish we could skip to March. Let’s face it, February can be painful unless our focus is on something or someone better which is the plan for this post. The plan … Continue reading “Soak in God’s Love For You- 28 verses on God’s love”

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