Jesus: The Name We All Need to Heal Our Hearts and Save Our Souls

The most powerful name in the world is the name “Jesus.” It’s hated by demons and worshiped by angels. Sung in praise and whispered in prayer. This name is the name above all names. The name that can save us and make the darkness flee. Why would the Savior of the world be named Jesus? Because that’s what His name …

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The LORD is My Righteousness: A different Christmas Reading Plan

At Christmas we rarely discuss righteousness, but that is what Christmas is all about. God demonstrated righteousness fully in the baby wrapped in cloths lying in a cold manger. Jeremiah prophesied His reign. He wrote of a “righteous Branch” growing from David’s line (Jeremiah 33:15). This is who we celebrate this holiday. With hearts full we decorate our tree and …

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The Thankful Focus

I love Thanksgiving, both the holiday and the attitude, because I’ve learned how thankfulness can change my perspective from what I don’t have to what I do. It doesn’t magically bring back those I love who’ve left this world too soon or fix all my problems, but it does do something to my heart. Somehow thanksgiving gives me joy and strength. …

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