Simple Bible Reading Plans

Preparing for Palm Sunday Without Church

This week churches all over the world will not be celebrating Palm Sunday the normal way. We won’t gather together with songs or palm leaves like we did in the tiny Methodist church I grew up in. Instead we will be in our homes glued to our screens watching our worship services online. Some churches … Continue reading “Preparing for Palm Sunday Without Church”


The Day Nobody Went to Church

Okay, first, somebody probably gathered in their church building somewhere in the world, but the majority of us did not. Laws put in place to stop large gatherings and prevent the spread of coronavirus kept us home. There has never been a day like this in the history of the world. But despite the mandate … Continue reading “The Day Nobody Went to Church”

scriptures for peace

Finding Peace During the Coronavirus Fear

Last night I received a message that the school where I teach will be closed for the next two weeks due to the danger of the coronavirus. I don’t mind an earlier spring break, but I know the measures against this pandemic has taken many of us by surprise. We really didn’t think it would … Continue reading “Finding Peace During the Coronavirus Fear”

waiting on god

6 Scriptures to Help You Worship While You Wait

One day I had a four hour lay-over. That’s a long wait. As I sat at my gate waiting, I watched families and couples, groups of friends, and solo travelers come and go. One minute the seats around me were filled and the next they were quickly emptied until the next wave of excited travelers … Continue reading “6 Scriptures to Help You Worship While You Wait”

Not alone

You’re Not Alone {7 Scriptures on God’s Presence}

Alone. Loneliness is a fickle thing. You can be happily married, have children, friends, and co-workers you enjoy, and feel alone. I’ve stood smack dab in the middle of a party with a bunch of people, and felt lonelier than when I was by myself. “Alone” really isn’t a number thing because it has to … Continue reading “You’re Not Alone {7 Scriptures on God’s Presence}”

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