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forgive yourself

When I Need Grace to Forgive Myself

Forgive or not to forgive, that’s the question. (But we know the answer is to forgive, right?) Last week I wrote about the grace God gave me to forgive someone who’d hurt me deeply. His grace took away the pain and empowered me to be genuinely kind and at peace with the situation. We also … Continue reading “When I Need Grace to Forgive Myself”

If You Need Help Giving Grace

I’ve always wanted to be graceful. And gracious. And full of grace to those around me. But I don’t always lend generously to all around me. It depends on my moods. Some days I seem to be better at pointing out others’ need to give grace than giving it myself. (I’m really good at this … Continue reading “If You Need Help Giving Grace”

Obeying God When It’s hard

Sometimes it’s easy to follow God. But other times His leading may be unclear or hard to obey because it doesn’t seem to make sense to us. Obeying God can be difficult. I was always an obedient child. It wasn’t because I was GOOD. My obedience grew from another source, a desire to please. Yep, … Continue reading “Obeying God When It’s hard”

balance busy

7 Scriptures On Balance in our Lives

Have you experienced the need for balance in your life? Does it seem that it’s impossible to reach? Do you question if balance is even possible or good? I’ve asked that same question, and I’ve come to the conclusion that balance is essential to live healthy, productive lives, but it isn’t always pretty. As we … Continue reading “7 Scriptures On Balance in our Lives”


Your Prayers Have No Expiration Date

I’ve been praying for something for a long time. It’s probably been thirty years or so, give or take a few. Honestly, it’s been such a long time, I’ve often given up. But once in awhile something stirs the ache, and I find myself praying the same petition again even though I’ve even prayed for … Continue reading “Your Prayers Have No Expiration Date”

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