The Reason Why Thankfulness is Important

Printable Available click to view, download or print for free. The Thankful Focus I love Thanksgiving, both the holiday and the attitude, because I’ve learned how thankfulness can change my perspective from what I don’t have to what I do. It doesn’t magically bring back those I love who’ve left this world too soon or … Continue reading “The Reason Why Thankfulness is Important”

30 days of prayer

31 Days of Prayer Using the Lord’s Prayer

Do you hear the call? It is a call to prayer. Yes, the National Day of Prayer has past. We just finished 28 days of repentance and before that 30 days of worship—60 days of heart preparation for the months ahead. As I prayed about what our next Bite of Bread would be, I sensed … Continue reading “31 Days of Prayer Using the Lord’s Prayer”

Repentance for country's healing

3 Aspects of Repentance and Why We Need to Do It Now

Repentance is not a very popular topic. Personally, I’d rather write about worship or grace. Yet, since the pandemic, a lot of  preachers and speakers are telling Americans to repent. I struggled with this at first. Do we need to? This sent me to my knees asking God to show me what repentance really is … Continue reading “3 Aspects of Repentance and Why We Need to Do It Now”

God's Kindness

6 Scriptures on the Kindness of God

I placed a banner on a wall in my classroom that says, “Work Hard and Be Kind.” I’m not sure it’s doing any good. Sixth graders are so self absorbed. Kindness is a word that our culture has adopted lately. It’s a “cool” word. You can find it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and wall hangings. … Continue reading “6 Scriptures on the Kindness of God”

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