Radiant Influence: How An Ordinary Girl Changed the World (Print only, signed copy)


Do you need some courage and hope? Do you want your life to be filled with purpose? If so, come journey through the book of Esther and discover that you have more in common with this beauty queen than you think. Purpose comes in all shapes and sizes, and God has many purposes for his girls. He has purpose for us right where we are. Think eternal. Think blessing others.

Ask yourself, “Why would God have me in the place I am today?”

…who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

It’s time . . . come learn how to make an eternal difference in your world and become a woman of radiant influence.



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This Bible study is made for the busy woman. It is only 5 weeks, 5 days each week, and 5 questions per day. It’s not your typical Esther study. Radiant Influence focuses on your purpose right where you are. Yes, it might not look like a glamorous place or a very important season in life, but this is right where you are supposed to be, and God has a kingdom purpose for you.


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