Come meet the God who Loves You



Is there a dream buried deep in you, a God-calling  that life shushed?

Were you too busy? Or did comparison threaten your nerve and stifle your first step?

Comparison paralyzes, but camaraderie inspires.

Come meet three women of the Bible who we’ve traditionally lifted to saintly status. One gave birth to the Messiah, the other sat at his feet as a disciple, and the third proclaimed the risen Christ.

They did amazing things, but these women were named Mary, a name meaning bitter, rebellious, and defiant.

Names revealed personalities and destinies in biblical days. Come explore the human hearts of these beloved women; discover camaraderie with them, and be encouraged to do what you believe God has called you to do.

Helpful Features:

  • End-of-chapter discussion questions for Mary Groups (small groups)
  • Single journal prompts
  • Resources for deeper Bible Study
  • Intercessory wisdom for ministry
  • Instructions for Mary Group Leaders

A Mary Like Me is a book written about women for women by a woman who offers a different perspective than other writers. It provides a relational understanding of biblical characters, knowledge of Hebrew and Greek words on a laymen’s level, authenticity and the invitation to be real, and empowerment to follow God’s call.

Come recover your lost dreams, rekindle God’s call on your life, and step. out. in. faith.        


Available online on,, Barnes and, and in local bookstores, Lifeway, Books-A-Million, Mardel, and Family Christian bookstores.

Amazon link for purchase and more info.: A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called


The men who wrote the Bible spoke in languages very different from our own. Though our translators found English counterparts closest to the ancient languages, special nuances of words have been lost.

This Key Word Bible Study will change the way you read and study the Bible. In-depth word-studies use the Old and New Testament dictionaries from The Key Word Study Bible to help you discover new life within this ancient New York Times Bestseller (the Bible).

The Book of Ruth Key Word Study is a thirty-one day Bible study journey into one of the most beloved books of the Bible.

Each lesson focuses on a Hebrew word, bridges the gap from the Old Testament to the New, and invites our hearts to respond.

If you know you’re somewhere you aren’t supposed to be, mad at God, or in need of provision, this study is for you.

Come dig beyond the black and white text and find the secret to hope, redemption, and promise that lasts a lifetime.  [AMG Publishers]

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