7 Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and How He Helps Us

Almost twenty years ago, I knelt down next to my bed and prayed for more of the Holy Spirit. I prayed for my ears to hear Him as my friend heard Him. If the Lord had more of Himself to give me, more gifts of the Holy Spirit, despite my fears, I wanted more. I … Continue reading “7 Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and How He Helps Us”

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How Grace Changes Us

  I’ve been on a quest to understand grace. For a long time. And through the years I’ve no doubt that God has given me grace during the tumbles and twirls this baby girl of His took as she journeyed through the mire. American Christianity doesn’t do grace well. Many are bruised. Dirt on our … Continue reading “How Grace Changes Us”

You Are A Warrior

    I must tell you to stand. I must remind you of whose you are. Not who you are. Or who you think you should be. Or who you want to be. But. Whose you are. You are a child of God. The creator of the universe. The One who loves you so much … Continue reading “You Are A Warrior”

The Goodness of God

  I heard Jesus was back in town, But I didn’t want to go. I was just so confused and hurt when he didn’t heal my Lazarus I didn’t want my face to show.   How could I commune with the One Who could’ve taken her pain away? Who told me this sickness would not … Continue reading “The Goodness of God”

Made Complete, Yes Please!

    He was my favorite toy at the time. His name was Andy. Raggedy Andy to be exact. My mom made him and Raggedy Ann the theme of my bedroom. I had a toy chest with their pictures on the front, and she decoupaged fabric cut outs onto my window shades. My room was … Continue reading “Made Complete, Yes Please!”

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