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You Are A Warrior



I must tell you to stand.

I must remind you of whose you are.

Not who you are.

Or who you think you should be.

Or who you want to be.


Whose you are.

You are a child of God.

The creator of the universe.

The One who loves you so much He sacrificed His Son for you.

You are chosen by Him to be in His family.

He chose you before you chose Him.

You belong to the firstborn.

That means you are of those who will receive the inheritance of the Father.

The heavenly kingdom that cannot be shaken.

You belong to the King of Kings.

The Lord of Lords.

Who is GOOD.



Even when we are faithless.

He is HOLY

He is LOVE


He gives Peace.

Not as the world gives.

He expects nothing in return.

But we can’t receive that peace if we don’t trust the goodness . . . 

Of whose we are.

Trust Him.

And experience victory.

Fight mighty warrior.


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Friday’s Bite of Bread Broadcast

If you couldn’t join us on Friday, pour some coffee, kick off your shoes. Grab a journal and your Bible and come be encouraged. Come learn the key to being a warrior. There’s a Giveaway at the end. Leave a comment here to be entered to win Francis Frangipane’s book This Day We Fight.  I’ll draw the winner on the broadcast Monday morning.




You are brave.

You are smart.

You are strong.



Fighting with you,




  1. This was like poetry to me today! xoxo

    1. Ahhh…. thanks! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sometimes it’s good to see a visual reminder of whose we are. Whenever I submit articles for publication this is part of my bio. Thank you.

    Stopping by from #Gritup

    1. Hey Nylse! That’s a great phrase to have in your bio! So glad you enjoyed the visual. I need visuals too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Laura Menefee

    Please keep all of this coming that you can.

    I have felt so defeated this last week. When the enemy attacks, he attacks hard and the hardest place hit is our own minds and thinking. I want nothing more than to fix things I have said or done or keep from saying and doing them only when I face “an attack” I find myself acting in fear and insecurity; not faith. I find myself hurting myself and others. I regret my actions and my willingness to humble myself and pray. I want to be a faithful warrior but when the attack comes, it is easier to back down than to stand tall.

    1. Praying for you Laura! God is the great Redeemer of words and actions. Keep holding on.

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