Praying God's Names

Using the Names of God and Jesus to Help You Pray with Power

I don’t think the world has ever collectively felt the need to pray as we do now. Perhaps in past war times, depressions, or other pandemics, but not in recent decades. So many need our prayers. Governing authorities from our local and state governments to our federal law makers need prayer. Our neighbors, friends, and … Continue reading “Using the Names of God and Jesus to Help You Pray with Power”

1 Simple Rule to Experience the Peace of the Holy Spirit

  Most of my life I lived without the awareness of Holy Spirit in me. I understood that God loved me and sent Jesus, but this Holy Spirit thing was a little weird. Though I wanted Him, I didn’t allow myself to open up to all Holy Spirit had to offer. But one day I … Continue reading “1 Simple Rule to Experience the Peace of the Holy Spirit”

worry scriptures prayer

War Scriptures for Worriers

I really hate it when I’m trying to pray, and worries sneak in. Before I know it, I’m worrying rather than warring. I’d rather be a warrior than a worrier, and I want you to be a warrior too. We need each other. We need warring sisters fighting the good fight with us. Thankfully, we … Continue reading “War Scriptures for Worriers”

How Jesus Taught Us To Pray

  Do you ever need to be encouraged to pray? I do. I mean, I pray all the time. I talk to God all through my day, but I must confess, I do have days when I don’t feel my prayers worthy or that they make much difference. And at one time in my life, … Continue reading “How Jesus Taught Us To Pray”

How to Know God’s Voice

  How do we know when God is speaking to us? It’s not always His voice, right? Sometimes those thoughts can be our own. So, how do we discern between our inside voice and Holy Spirit speaking? Hearing God . . . Not A few years ago I thought God told me I needed dreams, … Continue reading “How to Know God’s Voice”

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