Praying God's Names
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Using the Names of God and Jesus to Help You Pray with Power

I don’t think the world has ever collectively felt the need to pray as we do now. Perhaps in past war times, depressions, or other pandemics, but not in recent decades.

So many need our prayers. Governing authorities from our local and state governments to our federal law makers need prayer. Our neighbors, friends, and coworker need our prayers. It’s all around us.

Some of us wonder what we can do to make a difference right now. If that is one of your questions, something aching in your heart, then you my friend have been chosen to pray. But I know many of us feel our prayers bounce back from heaven. We’re not sure if they are doing any good. Please don’t believe this lie from the enemy. Of course, he wants us to doubt God’s goodness and power. Sure, he is determined to discourage us in the one major thing we are called to do! Satan does not want us to pray.

We are in the middle of a battle.

I’m here to tell you not to give up.

I’m writing to strengthen your prayer muscles.

Find New Ways to Pray

Even though prayer seems passive, we must recognize it’s power and resist the doubts that our prayers don’t matter. If your prayer life could use a face-lift, start praying the Hebrew names of God and Jesus.

Why would this help us? Because names are important to us and to God. For example, have you ever had someone recognize you and say your name when you didn’t expect it?

One day I walked into a hotel exhausted from an eight hour solo drive.

“Name?” asked the friendly front desk clerk.

“Lee,” I responded while fumbling with my bags.

Without missing a beat he said, “Oh! Andy Lee?”

It always awakens my senses when someone I don’t know somehow knows my name--not that it happens very often, but when it does, I’m taken aback. My face must have given away my thoughts and he explained he’d just spoken with the head of the conference and gone through the list of names. Even though the list was fresh on his mind, I liked him. He knew my name.

bible and table

Our names are important to us. Whenever someone calls us by name–especially someone we don’t know, it gets our attention.

I’m not good at remembering names.  I always feel awful when I know someone but her name won’t retrieve itself from the cobwebs in my brain. Don’t you hate it when the name comes to you two hours after the encounter?

We know it’s important. If it blesses us for people to know our name, wouldn’t it bless God too? We are made in His image.

The Promises of Praying God’s Name

Jeremiah prophesied God’s promise:

“….Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

– Jeremiah 29:12

It blesses me to think of attaining the favor of God’s ear.

This verse makes it personal like pouring your heart out to an attentive friend over a cup of Starbucks.

“I will listen to you,” whispers the Ancient of  Days looking straight into my eyes.

Though I know this verse was first penned for the Israelites, the promise demonstrates the character of God, and how He works in our lives.

But according to this verse something must happen before God hears us.

We must call upon Him and pray to Him. What does it mean to “call upon” God?

I’m so glad you asked. (Smile.)

It’s more than saying, “Help!” or “Hey, you!” The Hebrew word translated in the NIV is Qara. According to the Key Word Study Bible, Qara rarely refers to a random outcry.

 Qara is used to signify the act of naming. . . . Naming a person may specify that individual’s primary characteristic, be an evaluation, or recognize an eternal truth in the sense of summoning for a specific task. Another prominent usage has to do with calling on the name of God; that is to summon His aid…. (Key Word NIV p. 1549)

God has many names.

God’s names reveal His attributes and how people experience His power and goodness. When Moses asked His name, God replied, “I AM.”   This name signifies the One who encompasses all things and can do all things, the One who lives forever, the covenant God YHWH.

Other names of God:

  • Elohim, God, Mighty Creator,
  • EL Shadday, God Almighty,
  • Yaweh Yireh, God Will Provide,
  • Yaweh Rophe, God Who Heals.
  • Abba, Father
  • EL Roi, God Who Sees Me

Just to name a few.

Names of Jesus:

  • Immanuel, God With Us
  • Sar Shalom, Prince of Peace
  • Ga’al, Redeemer
  • Yeshua, Jesus the Savior

Something stirs within me when I begin my petitions to my EL Roi, The God Who Sees Me or to Abba, my heavenly Daddy, or Sar Shalom, my Prince of Peace.

Praying The Names of God Book

One of my most cherished books, one that never gets lost or dusty because I use it for reference often, is Praying the Names of God, by Ann Spangler. If this post stirs an interest in your spirit to know more about God’s names, I recommend this purchase. It’s a keeper. (I’m giving it away! Leave a comment to enter.)

This month we are going to study the names of God and Jesus and use them in prayer.

Sneak Peek of the Bite of Bread


Pray Gods names

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Free Printable of these scriptures and names here. 

The Battle Belongs to the Lord, but . . . 

The battle does belong to the Lord, but we are His soldiers. When we become passive to the destruction ravaging the moral framework of our country and the world, we give the enemy the upper hand. Though God gave the Israelites the Promised Land, they had to fight. He helped them, but they still had to do their part. We must do ours. 

When God called Gideon, he was oppressed and hopeless, threshing wheat in a winepress where there was no wind to blow away the chaff. Where he was trying to do his job, hiding in fear, was an almost impossible place to thresh the wheat. How many of us have resigned to hiding? Are you trying to do what you need to do in a difficult place for fear of being seen? Do you feel God has left the building? Gideon did. 

But the angel of the Lord met him in the midst of his fear and striving. Despite Gideon’s view of himself and his predicament, God called him a warrior. His salutation to Gideon was, “The LORD is with you, O valiant warrior” (Judges 6:12). 

It’s time for us to climb out of our hiding places and fight! You are a mighty warrior.

Download/Print Bible reading plan.

WEEKLY Video, Zoom Meeting, and Giveaway

I’ve recently felt the Lord lead me to get off Facebook (where I taught live every week.) Rather than FB LIVE, I post a new video teaching on YouTube every week and meet on Zoom with the ladies who would like to meet. Just comment below if you’d like to receive the Zoom link.

I feel this will be a special month. If you aren’t a Zoom fan, you can find the videos on my You Tube page.


I know many who need to call on the specific names of their God and His attributes as healer, provider, peace-maker, creator, Almighty strength, and my favorite, El Roi, the God who sees me.

He sees you right where you are. He knows your name. Now you know His. 

Call on Him specifically. Why wouldn’t God cherish that we call His name? We’re made just like Him–in His image. If someone knowing our names perks our ears, why wouldn’t it His?

Comment and enter the Giveaway!

Which name speaks to your soul? Leave a comment, and I will enter you into the giveaway for Ann Spangler’s book!

Digging Deep to Live Fully,



Video 1: Praying to El Shaddai

Video 2: Praying to Jesus our Physician, IATROS

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  1. Cindi Forrester

    I would like to be a part of your Zoom meetings, your messages have really spoke to my heart. I hear God speaking to me through you. Thank you for what you do.
    Cindi Forrester

    1. Hi Cindi! I’m so thankful God is speaking to you through my articles! I’m not doing the Zoom meetings right now, but you are the second person in the last few weeks who has asked about them. Please subscribe so you’ll be one of the first to know when I start them again. I think the Lord is nudging me. In the meantime, I give Live teachings of Instagram on Fridays at 9:00 AM ET and I upload a teaching on YouTube (andyleebible) every month. So glad you found me! Blessings!

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  3. Nono

    I just love all the names,because they apply to specific is very important to sure Him we truly know Him by using His names.remember ,a zebra is known by its stripes.

    1. V Perez

      Can we still attend the zoom sessions?

      1. Hi! I’m not doing Zoom meets currently. I’m sorry!

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  5. Pam Haven

    My favorite name to pray with is Emmanuel., God with Us. The name of Emmanuel provides Me with comfort, encouragement and reassurance that I am not alone.

    1. That is one of my favorites too, Pam. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll put your name in the drawing for the giveaway!

    2. Judi jorge

      EL Roi, for two reasons. First, I love the name “God who sees me” because a lot of times I don’t see myself clearly. I struggle with understanding my feelings and actions with clarity as I grew up in a family dynamic where we hid feelings and hid our personalities to keep peace. It’s reassuring to know He sees me when I often can’t.
      Second, I love the more literal aspect of God actually seeing me as I go about life day to day. I love knowing He keeps an eye on me.

      1. Yes! I love this one too. It’s from one of my favorite stories in the Bible. See you Wednesday!

  6. Christine Carson

    Love this. Jehovah Jireh-the God who provides. He has always provided for our needs.

    1. Amen! Thanks for stopping by. You’re entered into the drawing!

    2. Jane Brady

      Hello, I am having a little trouble trying to find how to make a comment. But I am able to make comment here. Hope this is ok.
      I am so intrigued with the names of God and love that they are specific to prayers. Thank you for this lesson.

      1. Hi Jane! You did it! I’ll enter you into the drawing!

  7. Such an important message for today. Praying God’s name is a wonderful way to pray—it encourages us to trust who God is and what He has promised to be for us.
    Going to go back and dig out that wonderful book you gifted me once!

    1. I’m glad you reminded me that I gifted the book to you! LOL! Thanks for stopping by. You are a mighty prayer warrior, my friend.

      1. Simeon

        Am bless with this write up.

        I pray for God’s strength.

        Apostle simeon…. From Nigeria

        1. Hi Simeon! I am so thankful this article was a blessing to you. I will pray for God’s strength for you too. Joshua 1:9, He is with you. -Andy

  8. freeman matabwa

    it is so important to know these names of God and mention them in specific situation, i believe it will move HIM into action

    1. Amen! Thanks for stopping by, Freeman!

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  10. Karla

    Am loving this week’s study. Idk why but never thought about using these names while praying but sure will from now on. Thanks so much!

    1. Karla, that is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear how using the ancient names of God in prayer enriches your prayer-life and relationship with him. I love it too! You’re entered again!!

  11. Karla

    Love to just say the names Emmanuel and Shalom whenever the need arises…and in the world of today that is often! Who doesn’t need to feel God a is and peace!

    1. Amen! How we need the God with us and the God of peace! Thank you for sharing. You are entered!

  12. Diane

    I love studying the names for God and the meanings of each one. Thank you for digging deeper with us, Andy!
    El Roi-God who sees me
    I find that so comforting! :-)

    1. Hi Diane! Me too! I love that he sees us. Thanks for stopping by. You’re entered into the drawing. :)

  13. I’ve been desiring a renewed intimacy in my quiet time, and I believe this week’s Bite of Bread is just the help I need! :)

    1. Oh Debbie, I’m excited for you. I pray this study and praying His names will enrich your time with him. You would love this book. You’re entered!

  14. Karla

    Yes a beautiful start to a new week of study. Love how you claim to be a word geek…Me also. Great Bible study.

    1. Word Geeks Unite! Thanks for stopping by Karl! I’ve entered you into the drawing to with Ann Spangler’s book! Thanks for joining me. :)

  15. Pat Haley

    I AM- ” I am all that My people need.”
    My favorite name is Jehovah Ezer. I am the God who helps you!
    I’ve lost my copy of The Names of God.

    1. Hi Pat! Those are wonderful names of God. I agree! I’m so sorry you lost your book! You’re entered for a chance to win another! Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Marty Fleming

    Thank you, Andy, for enriching my life with your sweet demeanor in the Lord. Your writing friend, Del Bates, shared ”Bite of Bread” with me one day, and I’ve been a fan since.

    I am calling on Sar Shalom, Prince of Peace, to resolve a thirty-year problem that keeps rising it’s ugly head in my family. God is faithful. I realize I need to not fret anymore, but loose it to Him.

    I’m ordering Key Word Study Bible! God bless you in all you do.

    1. Hi Marty! I’m so glad Del shared the Bite of Bread with you! I will be praying to Sar Shalom for you. He is faithful. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  17. venus schrader

    Awesomeness. Perfect way to start off our mid-west excursion week:) Thank You Sis <3

    1. Praying for a wonderful trip and time with family!

  18. Courtney Steele

    I love learning the names of Jesus and God. It’s so true that we get excited when someone knows our name, why would our Father be any different? That put things into perspective for me. You’re such a gifted teacher Andy! I’m thankful for you and the time you take to spread the word to others.

    1. Thanks Courtney! Using His names in prayer is so powerful. It truly will enrich your prayer life. I’m excited for you. Love ya girl. Keep hanging on tight to Him. You’re entered!

  19. Heather Fesperman

    Just reading the names of God in this post creates such a sense of peace and calm. Looking forward to this weeks Bite of Bread!💖

    1. Hi Heather! I experience the same peace. maybe that’s why I love praying His names. I’m so excited about digging into these names and scriptures. Looking forward to seeing you join me! You’re entered.

  20. Tins Snyder

    I am so excited for this study! God has been stirring the subject of Pray once again in my heart. He is always a Right in Time God. Thank you in advance for this study.

    1. Tina, Isn’t God cool! I love when He does that! I’m looking forward to studying with you! You’re entered.

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