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The LORD is My Righteousness: A different Christmas Reading Plan

At Christmas we rarely discuss righteousness, but that is what Christmas is all about. God demonstrated righteousness fully in the baby wrapped in cloths lying in a cold manger. Jeremiah prophesied His reign. He wrote of a “righteous Branch” growing from David’s line (Jeremiah 33:15). This is who we celebrate this holiday. With hearts full we decorate our tree and …

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What We Learn From God’s Sacred Name- YHWH

God has many names, but the one most revered, most sacred, is YHWH. This holy name has been labeled the Tetragram or Tetragrammaton, and it’s as mysterious in pronunciation and meaning as the God who owns it. According to Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry: In the Hebrew, the Yod, Hay, Waw, and Hay of the four-lettered Tetragrammaton are pronounced ee-ah-oo-eh. These letters …

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The Lord Who Heals, Yahweh Rophe

The LORD is our healer. He heals hearts, minds, and bodies. He heals marriages, broken friendships, and divided families. The Lord is in the healing, restoring, rebuilding business. That’s why He is such a good God. Have you experienced the Healer? I have. The past month has been a difficult one for me. A trusted friend crushed my spirit. I …

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