Amazing Grace that Changed Me

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved changed a wretch like me” (Andy Lee version.) It’s probably sacrilegious to change that line. Please don’t unsubscribe until you’ve read the whole thing. It is one of my favorite old hymns too. I need God’s grace to save me, but my friends, I’m so desperate for … Continue reading “Amazing Grace that Changed Me”

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Known by God and Loved

We want to be known by God and others. Introverts may argue with me, but deep down inside, I think all of us want to be known. Nobody wants to go unnoticed and slip through the cracks. There is an innate desire in us to be known and understood. There’s probably some things we don’t … Continue reading “Known by God and Loved”

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Could You Use Some Rest?

In this hustle, bustle world, many of us need rest, but it’s often hard to find. Unless you like naps like I do. I love naps, especially on Sunday afternoon. Climbing onto my bed with a light afghan to cover me, I breathe in the sleepy afternoon air and drift off to sleep for an … Continue reading “Could You Use Some Rest?”

A Reading Plan on God’s Goodness

Almost ten years ago I faced a life changing decision. I had a choice to make. I could continue to be angry at God for my sister’s death, or I could choose to believe in His goodness. That’s a hard decision when you’re stuck in grief unless you’re tired of being angry with God. As … Continue reading “A Reading Plan on God’s Goodness”

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Faith that Moves Mountains

Do you want faith that moves mountains? Have you felt your faith isn’t strong enough, or you have great faith, but it didn’t make the problem/mountain move? Girlfriend, you are not alone. Jesus told His disciples, after the inability to heal a young boy with a demon, that all they needed was the faith of … Continue reading “Faith that Moves Mountains”

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