How to Know God’s Voice

  How do we know when God is speaking to us? It’s not always His voice, right? Sometimes those thoughts can be our own. So, how do we discern between our inside voice and Holy Spirit speaking? Hearing God . . . Not A few years ago I thought God told me I needed dreams, … Continue reading “How to Know God’s Voice”

Why I Cry Watching “The Voice”

  I’m a social crier. I see someone crying, and tears threaten my own eyes. It’s not my favorite quality. But today, I realized while watching “The Voice” blind auditions (the television show where contestants sing with the coaches’ backs to them), that I cried for almost every person who was on the stage. My tears … Continue reading “Why I Cry Watching “The Voice””

My Pancake Parable: Nothing is Impossible

Have you tried to succeed at something and failed time and time again? Did you finally throw in the towel with the disappointing yet relieving thought, “I guess I’m just not meant to do this. I will never be able to do it, so I’ll give up.” This is the way I felt about pancakes. When my … Continue reading “My Pancake Parable: Nothing is Impossible”

When You’re Afraid to Dream

I’ve always been a proponent of dreams. Not the kind that you have while you sleep, but the kind found in the fourth definition of Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary: a strongly desired goal or purpose. When you define “dream” that way, who can live without such a thing? We spend the last week of December every … Continue reading “When You’re Afraid to Dream”

A Dream Lives. Never Give Up #Hope.

Dreams take a lot of hard work, patience and faith.   7 years ago God unearthed an old dream to write a book, and He gave me the topic. 6 years ago I started writing it. 5 years ago I started pitching it at writers conferences. 3 years ago a friend told me my dream … Continue reading “A Dream Lives. Never Give Up #Hope.”

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