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Why I Cry Watching “The Voice”


I’m a social crier. I see someone crying, and tears threaten my own eyes. It’s not my favorite quality.

But today, I realized while watching “The Voice” blind auditions (the television show where contestants sing with the coaches’ backs to them), that I cried for almost every person who was on the stage. My tears weren’t just social, though there were moments when the contestant’s family was crying when a chair turned.

I think my tears fell because there’s something about going for your dreams. Something about working hard and finally getting that break or opportunity. Something inside of me cheered as I cried for those contestants–those dreamers.

It’s easier not to be a dreamer. Dreamers are often restless and frustrated. They have to work hard, sometimes multi-tasking life trying to juggle real life and the pursuit of the dream, and dreams aren’t easy to reach.

It’s easier not to dream. But I’ve found that a dream-less life is an empty one.

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Sometimes our dreams are swallowed up by life. And other times we bury them deep down inside because someone told us we could never. I’ve experience both. Rejection was the shovel that dug the hole, and life’s demands were the soil that covered my buried dreams.

But God was faithful.

And one by one, as I worshiped Him daily, intentionally, and practiced thankfulness for what I had in my life, the Lord began to reveal my dreams I’d forgotten. Some were big and some small and silly, but one by one He has been restoring and renewing what was once lost. That’s what He does.

I think one reason why dreams are so important is because we are made in God’s image, and He is the master of vision and dreams. He gave us this gift. And He’s always calling us to more–more of Him, more kindness, more trusting, more love.

If you have buried a dream, remember that it’s simply a planted seed. It’s waiting.

Also remember that while some dreams are for fun, others carry an ache, a burden if not fulfilled, and those, my friends, are more than dreams. . . those are whispers from God, callings, assignments, appointments.

Do you need a dream?

Or do you need encouragement to keep on keepin’ on?

Either way, let me pray you up. Grab my hands.

“Dear Lord, thank you for tears. Thank your for those emotions that stir us to more. Lord, I pray that you give us your dreams for us. Even as I type this prayer, begin planting seeds of dreams or unearthing the ones buried long ago. Help us worship you and thank you no matter how boring or empty life may seem as we wait for you to give us our dreams back with fresh purpose–God purpose with the breath of eternity breathing fresh life into them. We love you. Amen.”


What is your dream? Do you remember? Leave a comment!


Digging deep to live fully (by His grace!)



PS. I’ve written a whole book on dreams and callings. It’s called A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called. 



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  2. Kristin Mason

    Thank you so much for posting this. I often turn my head so my roommates won’t see me cry, but I am grateful for these tears and having something inside me that moves me. Like Janice mentioned, there can be a numbness that moves in, stealing hope and joy.

    1. Hey Kristin! Next time you feel the tears coming on during the show, just know that there are a lot of us out there on our couches blinking away the tears! LOL! Much love sweet girl! Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the conversation!

  3. So beautifully said! Maybe unfilled dreams bring tears to God’s eyes too!

    1. Maybe so, Sandy! I love that thought. Thank you for stopping by and joining the conversation.

  4. Janice

    I just love your open, honest spirit. Be thankful for each tear and emotion. Not very long ago, this “crier” could not cry. I was numb. In short, I felt “Godless”… “numb”.. But, I KNOW HE was and is always present in my life. Thankful for His love and prayers from Prayer Warriors! Thank you, Andy, for your consistency.. your prayers!

    1. Thank you Janice! Yes, I’ve learned to be thankful for these tears. 😊 My prayers continue! Thank you for being a faithful follower. You help me stay consistent. ❤️

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