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Generations Will Call Her Blessed

I love Mary.

Who doesn’t?

She was the mother of Jesus, our Savior. The Son of God.

She was humble and faith-filled. Her humility has caused me to wonder about this proclamation that generations would call her “blessed”. She just seemed too quiet and humble to want generations to talk about her.

Though her prophecy was correct, we do call her blessed, and she is revered by many, there is more meaning to her words than meets the eye. I wrote about it in my book A Mary Like Me. Here’s an excerpt:

When Mary N.’s Hebrew words were translated into the Koine Greek, Mary’s words were inscribed: “All generations will count me makarizō (mak-ar-id’-zo.)” This term originates out of the word makarios which on the simplest level of understanding has been defined as happy, lucky, or fully satisfied.

Editor Zodhiates argues that this word means “to be characterized by the quality of God and thus to be fully satisfied.”   In other words, he contends that this blessed state is only experienced with the presence of Jesus.

There are only a handful of occurrences in the New Testament when this word is used. James uses it in reference to those who are suffering: As you know, we consider blessed (makarios) those who have persevered (James 5:11).

Jesus also uses this word in His famous Sermon on the Mount. He refers to those who are needy, mourning, meek, and persecuted as those who are blessed or makariosJesus said, Blessed (makarios) are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”(Matt. 5:3).

Neither James nor Jesus were speaking of an earthly state of happiness or renowned fame when they employed this word. They were speaking of a state beyond such earthly endeavors. Zodhiates contends this state of makariosthis supernatural place of peace and deep joy—can only be known by the indwelling of Christ.

Elizabeth cried out, “Makarios is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!”  She felt the presence of the Most High God indwelling within young Mary. Mary was in a state of makarios, deep satisfaction and joy because she had the indwelling of the presence of the very God who gave her life.

It’s an amazing thought.

She carried in her womb the Christ child who would one day die to take away her sins and the sins of the world. I’m sure there were days after His birth when Mary didn’t feel such happiness or full satisfaction. I believe she prayed for her son just like any mother does. She worried about His safety and sometimes His sanity.

But on the day that she stood on Elizabeth’s doorstep, she was markarios. Fully satisfied. Filled with joy.

Our dear Mary was indeed blessed.

It’s amazing to realize that Jesus lives in us. We too can experience the joy Mary knew. Hallelujah. Makarios was not only for Mary. It’s for you and me too.Will generations call us blessed?

I feel a prayer coming on. Grab my hand. It’s been a long time since we prayed together.

Father, we love you. Thank you for Messiah. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who fills us with the presence of Jesus–Your Presence. Fill us Lord, satisfy us with your peace and joy. All other things will leave us wanting, but you make us blessed–makarios. We are humbled that you’ve chosen us. We are your servants. Have your way. By the power of the name of Jesus we are fully satisfied. Amen.”

Are you this kind of blessed? Share your thoughts! 


Jesus was born for you.


Digging Deep,


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  1. Again, I love your word studies Andy. I have also flinched at Mary’s self-proclamation that generations would call blessed. It seems out of character and you have settled my discomfort.
    May you be blessed this Christmas!

    1. Yay! I’m not the only one! Thanks for sharing, Cathy. :) So glad this settled your heart too. Words are so amazing! Merry Christmas to you too! Blessings!

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