Generations Will Call Her Blessed

I love Mary. Who doesn’t? She was the mother of Jesus, our Savior. The Son of God. She was humble and faith-filled. Her humility has caused me to wonder about this proclamation that generations would call her “blessed”. She just seemed too quiet and humble to want generations to talk about her. Though her prophecy … Continue reading “Generations Will Call Her Blessed”

4 Things to Do to When Change Makes Celebrating Hard

Change in our lives affects how we celebrate holidays. Why does change have such an effect on us? Whether our change is caused by a move, a job change, or a loss of some kind, change can usher in grief. And grief can tear a big empty hole in our hearts that makes it difficult … Continue reading “4 Things to Do to When Change Makes Celebrating Hard”

The Cost of the Call: A Lesson of Faith at Christmas

Why do we believe that if God calls us to something, it will be smooth sailing, wonderful, and great? Why do we begin to doubt God when we step out in faith, and it doesn’t turn out as we planned, or as we thought we heard? Why are we so easily discouraged? Discouragement is sneaky. … Continue reading “The Cost of the Call: A Lesson of Faith at Christmas”

Why was the Baby Jesus Wrapped in Cloths?

It was called the “tower of the flock”. It’s Hebrew name, Migdal Edar, was a place highly esteemed in Jewish tradition because Jacob moved his flocks there after he buried  his dear Rachel who died in childbirth. Rachel was buried in Bethlehem.   Migdal Edar was on the edge of the town. Jerusalem sat only a few miles away. Migdal … Continue reading “Why was the Baby Jesus Wrapped in Cloths?”


Bite of Bread: Prophecies Fulfilled

  Can you imagine that dark night? Perhaps the silence was deafening the moment He entered the world. Creation held its breath awaiting the Son of God to take His first gasp of air. As His lungs filled, the shrill cry of the Baby-King announced His arrival, and the universe sighed relief–perhaps Joseph and Mary … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: Prophecies Fulfilled”

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