What Do We Do With Suffering? #WordWednesday (Part 1)

  I am an emotional eater. The other day, I was upset so I drove my minivan through the McDonald’s drive-thru for some comfort food. I never get a Quarter Pounder hamburger, much less the whole meal (French fries and soda included.) But yesterday my heart hurt, so eat I did. I’m also an emotional … Continue reading “What Do We Do With Suffering? #WordWednesday (Part 1)”

4 Things to Do to When Change Makes Celebrating Hard

Change in our lives affects how we celebrate holidays. Why does change have such an effect on us? Whether our change is caused by a move, a job change, or a loss of some kind, change can usher in grief. And grief can tear a big empty hole in our hearts that makes it difficult … Continue reading “4 Things to Do to When Change Makes Celebrating Hard”

How Do We Navigate the Waters of Fear and Hatred?

  It’s been a heartbreaking, faith snatching, goodness shattering week. Honestly, I wanted to bury my head in the sand and not tackle the horrible in the world like the killing of fifty souls in Orlando, but I knew I couldn’t just close my eyes. We’ve got to face these giants head on. We can’t ignore … Continue reading “How Do We Navigate the Waters of Fear and Hatred?”

Sitting Where Jesus Sat

I’m in Israel this week.  Yes, Israel. As I type these words I’m sitting in my hotel in Jerusalem where we arrived today. We’ve enjoyed two days in the beautiful Galilee area, and now we’ve come to the holy city. But before making our journey here today, we began our morning on top of the … Continue reading “Sitting Where Jesus Sat”

Sneaky Idols

Psalm 139:23,24 (ALV- Andy Lee Version)   It’s one of my favorite psalms and one of my scripture prayers I pray quite often. Yes, I struggle with worry at times and am constantly asking God to check my heart. Psalm 139: 23,24 was the “Bite” for yesterday, and though I’m very familiar with this plea … Continue reading “Sneaky Idols”

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