What Do We Do With Suffering? #WordWednesday (Part 1)

  I am an emotional eater. The other day, I was upset so I drove my minivan through the McDonald’s drive-thru for some comfort food. I never get a Quarter Pounder hamburger, much less the whole meal (French fries and soda included.) But yesterday my heart hurt, so eat I did. I’m also an emotional … Continue reading “What Do We Do With Suffering? #WordWednesday (Part 1)”

Statement of Faith in the Middle of Crisis

Two friends of mine died of  cancer this month.  They were both blonde and beautiful, just like my sister. And they both fought their battle bravely and full of faith. As I was praying about what to write, I began looking through my “cancer” post archives, and I came across this statement of faith that … Continue reading “Statement of Faith in the Middle of Crisis”


  My nose is clogged. My throat throbs, and tears keep getting in my way. The wind outside beating against my windows and the deep darkness, the darkest moment before the sunrise, is symbolic of my grief this morning as I write. I prayed, “Lord, I can’t write these words today…I’ve got to be upbeat … Continue reading “ihope”

All because of her hair….

Her cute blonde hairstyle caught my eye. I’m a sucker for short hair cuts. Hers got my attention along with her sweet smile. Every time her family filed into the front doors of our church, something drew me to her. But time did not afford a conversation. Not yet. Weeks passed. Time and time again … Continue reading “All because of her hair….”

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