A Prayer for Those Messy Moments You Want to Take Back

It happened so quickly. The words flew out of my mouth before I could lasso them back. There was no way to take them back. I prayed her ears did not hear it, but I couldn’t tell. I held my breath. I was tired. I didn’t mean to say those words! The minute I heard … Continue reading “A Prayer for Those Messy Moments You Want to Take Back”

scriptures about fear

5 Scriptures When Fear Has You

Don’t Let Fear Win Every once in awhile I hear the radio announcer say, “You can trust God or be afraid, but you can’t do both.” It’s true. Yet fear plagues many of us who believe. Why is that? Is it because God is invisible? Do we fear because we’ve experienced so many problems or heartaches? … Continue reading “5 Scriptures When Fear Has You”

Self control bible reading plan

Steps To Self-Control

Self-Control When I Have None I’ve always thought it ironic that self-control was the last Fruit of the Spirit. Did Paul write it that way on purpose? In my life,  by the time I repeat Galatians 5:22-23 (the Fruit of the Spirit verse), I usually have some self-control. I repeated this verse often as a … Continue reading “Steps To Self-Control”

Scriptures to Help You Keep Praying When You’ve Lost Hope

Sometimes it’s hard to keep praying. I know. A few years ago I was disenchanted with prayer. My heart was broken and weary. I was angry and confused. Grief stricken. My best friend, my only sister, lost a battle to cancer despite trillions of prayers and faith that could move mountains. “Why do we pray … Continue reading “Scriptures to Help You Keep Praying When You’ve Lost Hope”

What God Values (You)

Do you struggle with worth and value? It’s a terrible feeling. I think it’s one of the greatest lies of the enemy of our souls—the lie that we aren’t valuable. I’ve struggled with it for years, especially when I was a stay-at-home mom. The world values talent, beauty, money, and success, and if we don’t … Continue reading “What God Values (You)”

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