Palm Sunday and Knowing Jesus

I love Palm Sunday. I love how the people worshiped Jesus. But through the years, the Lord has faithfully led this Bible nerd to deeper levels of understanding of what happened that fateful day on the ancient Jerusalem streets.

Did you know what happened involved prophecy, the Feast of the Tabernacles, and Psalm 118? Rather than writing a post, I’m sharing my latest video. I pray it encourages you to dig deeper into familiar stories. Don’t settle. Nothing happens in the Bible or in our own lives without purpose and meaning.

If the extra goodies of connecting the Old Testament and an ancient feast doesn’t really get you excited, I pray you’ll watch (or fast forward) to the end to be encouraged in your faith.

Palm Sunday teaches us that if our prayers aren’t being answered as we’ve desperately prayed, we can trust the man who rode a colt of a donkey rather than a stallion to fulfill his and our destiny.

To Know Christ!


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