Scriptures to Help You Keep Praying When You’ve Lost Hope

Sometimes it’s hard to keep praying. I know. A few years ago I was disenchanted with prayer. My heart was broken and weary. I was angry and confused. Grief stricken. My best friend, my only sister, lost a battle to cancer despite trillions of prayers and faith that could move mountains. “Why do we pray … Continue reading “Scriptures to Help You Keep Praying When You’ve Lost Hope”

When Celebrating Thanksgiving is Hard

Empty Chairs . . . Some years Thanksgiving is harder to celebrate than other years. I love the turkey, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, dressing, and green bean casserole. I embrace the cooler weather, gold and garnet leaves, and the almost naked trees, and I love gathering with family and friends–whoever can come. Yet, there have … Continue reading “When Celebrating Thanksgiving is Hard”

7 Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and How He Helps Us

Almost twenty years ago, I knelt down next to my bed and prayed for more of the Holy Spirit. I prayed for my ears to hear Him as my friend heard Him. If the Lord had more of Himself to give me, more gifts of the Holy Spirit, despite my fears, I wanted more. I … Continue reading “7 Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and How He Helps Us”

You Belong: Three Ways to Find Your Tribe

We Need to Belong God gave us the desire to belong to something or someone or a plural of someones. He’s a God of relationship, and we were made in His image. Even at fifty-two there is a little girl in me who wants to belong. I’m also acutely aware of others who want to … Continue reading “You Belong: Three Ways to Find Your Tribe”

Cultivating Kindness- A 7-Day Bible Study

As I hurried out of the mall to my car the other day, I noticed an older woman standing on the curb. As I passed her, another woman walked past her too, but she stopped and asked, “Are you okay? Do you need some help?” At that moment, I stopped to hear the elderly lady’s … Continue reading “Cultivating Kindness- A 7-Day Bible Study”

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