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Scriptures on God’s Faithfulness, El Emet

God is faithful. He is El Emet, the God of faithfulness. Somebody needs to hear this today. He promises, “I’m faithful.” Have you heard this promise? It’s a whisper that has floated through my spirit over and over in the last few years. “Andy, I’m faithful.” The voice is gentle and kind. It comes when I’m worried or sad. Sometimes …

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Yahweh Yireh (Jehovah Jireh) is the God Who Provides

God provides. I’ve experienced his provision in so many ways. I’m sure you have too. I cannot think of a better way to prepare our hearts during this season of Lent than focusing on the ways God has provided for us and promises to provide for the future. With the cost of food and gas, wars, border issues, and division …

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