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Fighting Discouragement: 7 Scriptures On Joy (Free Printable)

    It’s my “word” for the year. Honestly, I’m not sure if I chose it because I kept seeing Pinterest images during Christmas with this word cleverly placed on mantels or doorposts or wreaths. But I gravitated to it. Something deep inside felt a twinge when I’d place my eyes on it, and so, that is how I chose …

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3 Ways to Fight Discouragement

Some of the greatest men and women of faith battled discouragement.   The fact that Billy Graham was discouraged at times makes me feel better. Biblical giants also experienced discouragement. One of them was Elijah. He ran into the desert and sat under a broom tree. (1Kings 19) “I have had enough Lord,” he said. “Take my life; I am …

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Bite of Bread: Bible Verses for when You Feel Discouraged

Confession: what prompted the theme for this week’s Bite of Bread was really quite ridiculous. In fact, the problem that discouraged me was so tiny (literally) and non-life threatening that I must refrain from explaining the details.I know many of you are going through major problems and you might want to throw a shoe at me or stop reading. I …

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Bite of Bread: January 20-26 (Reading Plan of Praise and the Parable of the Toenail)

Warning: This post contains possible TMI (too much information), discussion of embarrassing human issues, and relates the smallest of problems to the greatness of God’s faithfulness and bigger plan.         I fought it for almost 15 years. I tried everything possible to get rid of it, but nothing, even the strongest of oral medications could eradicate the problem. …

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Are You Stuck in Your Muck?

  Do you ever get stuck in the muck of “you”? This is how you can discover if you’re stuck in your own muck: 1. For 3 days keep count of how many times you think about yourself, pray for yourself, or feel discouraged about your life. Also keep count of how many times you pray for others or worry about someone …

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