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Bite of Bread: Bible Verses for when You Feel Discouraged

It's what we trust in

Confession: what prompted the theme for this week’s Bite of Bread was really quite ridiculous.

In fact, the problem that discouraged me was so tiny (literally) and non-life threatening that I must refrain from explaining the details.I know many of you are going through major problems and you might want to throw a shoe at me or stop reading.

I simply can tell you that today I was ready to throw in the towel. I felt I’d made a huge mistake. Discouragement had me believing that I was stuck–that I would be miserable for a long time.

It’s not the first time discouragement has left me wanting to run the other direction with my tail between my legs. This nemesis has a way of coloring the future like a pair of dark sunglasses. When I look through discouraged lenses, life is not rosy but rather dull and gray. Empty of hope. Defeated. The future is dark.

Are you wearing “discouragement” colored vision-ware?

[tweetability]Does it seem like God is NEVER going to show up?[/tweetability]

Do you need some extra faith-building protein in your spiritual breakfast this week?

Me too.

Discouragement is one of our enemy’s greatest tactics. If we are discouraged, we will lose our courage to continue to have faith. We’ll doubt whether or not we heard God correctly, or if He really does answer prayer.

Or worse, we’ll doubt His love for us.

There are 86 verses in the Bible commanding the people not to be discouraged. The command to “follow me” only occurs 25 times. Those numbers prove that discouragement has been a threat for a long time.

Let’s not let this “D” word take us out.

Let’s arm ourselves with God’s truth.

Bite of bread for the discouraged edit



I have a feeling some of these verses will need to be written out on sticky notes or index cards and plastered all over your house or car or both. Hold onto the promises, commands, and truths with all of the strength you can muster.

As we read through each day, strength and hope will begin to build again in our spirits. I know because I feel tons better after finding these verses. I’m no longer discouraged by my little problem that seemed an impossible mountain/mistake just a few hours ago. I pray you’ll find such relief and hope as you take time to read the “bite” for the day.

I’m reading with you and posting the verses on our Fellowship page daily.

I will continue to fast this week, but I’m fasting on Thursday if you would like to join me. I’ll be writing more about the danger of discouragement on Wednesday (I think) with a tip or two for fasting, and Friday we will continue our journey through the Shema. 

Leave a comment if your are discouraged and need prayer. I’ll walk with you. 


Jesus loves you,




  1. Kim Michele

    Thanks Andy. I have been using Joshua 1:9 since Jan. 1, 2015. I forget sometimes even though it is on a card within reach. I was surprised when that was the first bite of bread this week. Take care.

    1. Hi Kim! I thought of you when I typed it on the list. I remembered you’ve been hanging on to it. Hopefully the other verses will give you even more strength as we wait to see God provide for you in a big wonderful way. Praying against discouragement. Love you. Andy

  2. Janice

    I truly believe He allows us to go into The Valley at times. How can we relate to those feelings if we do not feel & understand. Today, when writing notes, I have changed every word to first person in the present tense. Pray you continue to read your inspired writings while I get off and chew each Word. Again, thank you, Andy!

    1. I agree, Janice. In His wisdom, He let’s us experience those discouraging moments so that we will experience Him and minister to others with it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom. Enjoy chewing. Love you!

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