How Jesus Taught Us To Pray

  Do you ever need to be encouraged to pray? I do. I mean, I pray all the time. I talk to God all through my day, but I must confess, I do have days when I don’t feel my prayers worthy or that they make much difference. And at one time in my life, … Continue reading “How Jesus Taught Us To Pray”

Bite of Bread: Our Heavenly Dwelling

  I’m not sure why, but I’ve found myself thinking a lot about heaven lately. It all started with a post I wrote on dragonflies. The fact those insects see colors we can’t see carried my thoughts to the possibility of “new” colors in heaven–colors already here that our eyes just don’t have the design to … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: Our Heavenly Dwelling”

Bite of Bread: Good Verses for Everyday

There’s a reason why I make a Bite of Bread reading plan every week. It’s not for the money nor the fame. Obviously. It’s simply because I feel called to do so. I’ve learned how one verse can draw me closer to God. One scripture can speak to the depths of my soul right when … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: Good Verses for Everyday”


Bible Reading Plan on God’s Faithfulness #BiteofBread

  In a world where worry consumes us and stress steals sleep, we need tangible proof that God’s holding us. A few weeks ago when bigger-than-me situations arose, I kept hearing a quiet voice whisper, “I’m faithful….I’m faithful.” Peace filled me as I chose to believe those words and the goodness of the heart that … Continue reading “Bible Reading Plan on God’s Faithfulness #BiteofBread”

Bite of Bread: What God Wants

  I am a recovering people-pleaser.  I never understood why former addicts labeled themselves as “recovering” rather than “recovered,” but now I get it. I get it because my addiction to please the grown-ups in my life as well as my friends has been apart of me since elementary school. And though I desire to … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: What God Wants”

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