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Bite of Bread: What God Wants



I am a recovering people-pleaser. 

I never understood why former addicts labeled themselves as “recovering” rather than “recovered,” but now I get it. I get it because my addiction to please the grown-ups in my life as well as my friends has been apart of me since elementary school. And though I desire to please God more, sometimes those old people-pleasing tendencies sneak in. Thus I am “recovering” because I need to always be aware of this Achilles tendon in my heart. Just like any other addict.

But as much as I want to make people happy and desire for them to like me, there is someone greater who I want to please more. And that is God.

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I know, His grace covers me and you. His love and promises are not based on our perfect actions but on His faithfulness, kindness, and mercy. Please don’t think I’m giving a list of how to get into heaven or something. We are made whole by our faith in Jesus alone.

Yet, throughout the Bible we read about what God desires.

Bite of Bread what God wants edit

You might be surprised. This isn’t a list of do’s and don’ts. It’s really a list of love.

For those of you who can join me, I’ll see you at 8:20 ET on the Periscope App!

Let me pray you up for the week ahead. Grab my hand.


“Father God, we do love you. We do desire to serve you and bless you with our lives. I pray this Bite of Bread reading plan will actually bring freedom and sweet conviction, faith, and empowering love. We are indebted to you. You’ve given us everything. By your Spirit and grace we pray for the power to know your heart and to be like you. In Jesus’s name. Amen.”


Living on Daily Grace,



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