Daily Broadcast



“I love filling up with a friend from the south each morning and today was exactly what I needed! Andy Lee does Facebook live stream each morning, check it out to help fill your cup so you can keep filling up others.” ~Erika Kanter



Technology is amazing. We can love it or hate it. And I’m loving this new ability to invite you into my kitchen every morning to discuss the Bite of Bread verse for the day. I broadcast through Facebook Live from my Andy Lee (Andrea Stone) timeline. I also will share it on my Author page.

Simply go to Andy Lee (Author) and “like” the page if you haven’t already.

If you could use some daily soul encouragement, I hope you will join us!

Gather your Bible, journal, and pen. Pour some coffee or your favorite tea, and come on over!

The broadcasts start at 8:20 AM and last around 25-30  minutes Monday – Friday.

But if you aren’t a Facebook person, you can find the videos on You Tube. 


Come Dig Deep with Me and feed your soul with a Bite of Bread!





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