Bible Reading Plan on God’s Faithfulness #BiteofBread


In a world where worry consumes us and stress steals sleep, we need tangible proof that God’s holding us.

A few weeks ago when bigger-than-me situations arose, I kept hearing a quiet voice whisper, “I’m faithful….I’m faithful.”

Peace filled me as I chose to believe those words and the goodness of the heart that spoke them within my spirit.

He is faithful to save us. He is faithful to fulfill the purpose He has for us. He is faithful _______________ (you fill in the blank.)

What do you need Him to be faithful in?

Bite of Bread

Double up on the reading.

I want to suggest that if you normally read your Bite of Bread in the morning, read this one at night too before you go to bed. Journal your thoughts or your prayer to God regarding the verse. These scriptures are tangible promises of God’s hand holding you through everything. When you write them down, you’ve inked their truth permanently. Stand on these truths.

I would love to know if this helps you sleep or changes the pattern of your dreams.

He is faithful.

I’m reading with you.

Join the conversation on my fellowship page where we share our thoughts about the Bite for the day. And join me for a little Bible study everyday on my daily broadcast of the Bite of Bread on Facebook Live. I hope you can join us. There’s plenty of room around my table! If FB isn’t your thing, I’m uploading the videos to my You Tube channel, Andy Lee (wordsbyandylee).

What do you need Him to be faithful in? Leave a comment or email me: I would love to pray for you.


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