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Bible Reading Plan on God’s Faithfulness #BiteofBread

  In a world where worry consumes us and stress steals sleep, we need tangible proof that God’s holding us. A few weeks ago when bigger-than-me situations arose, I kept hearing a quiet voice whisper, “I’m faithful….I’m faithful.” Peace filled me as I chose to believe those words and the goodness of the heart that spoke them within my spirit. …

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Bite of Bread: 7 Scriptures to Help You Trust God when Prayers aren’t Answered

  What do you do when the answer doesn’t come? You’ve prayed and prayed. Nothing. What do you do when the answer doesn’t come as you prayed? When the answer is not what you believed. The deal fell through. You didn’t get the job. The divorce became final, or cancer won the battle. I’ve not experienced all these scenarios, but I’ve …

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Bite of Bread: January 20-26 (Reading Plan of Praise and the Parable of the Toenail)

Warning: This post contains possible TMI (too much information), discussion of embarrassing human issues, and relates the smallest of problems to the greatness of God’s faithfulness and bigger plan.         I fought it for almost 15 years. I tried everything possible to get rid of it, but nothing, even the strongest of oral medications could eradicate the problem. …

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