Bite of Bread Correction!

Sorry for the extra post today.

I found a huge typo in my list this week. It’s one of the most important verses, so I don’t want anybody to miss it. I don’t want you to look up the wrong verse (that I typed wrong) and think, “Why in the world did she choose that one!? If you only read the post in your e-mail, you won’t find that I’ve changed the list on my site. I needed to resend it to everyone.

So….here’s the updated list. Can you find the one I corrected?

Bite of bread for the discouraged edit


While I’ve got you, have you made any mistakes today?

If you did, my friend, we are in good company. :)


Thankful for grace,



  1. Cheryl Johnston

    Love your transparency, Andy. As one of my dear friends shared recently, “We are all working on something.” And we will always need grace. Thanks for giving yours so regularly.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! What a sweet comment. Thank you for spreading grace. Much love!

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