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Fighting Discouragement: 7 Scriptures On Joy (Free Printable)

    It’s my “word” for the year. Honestly, I’m not sure if I chose it because I kept seeing Pinterest images during Christmas with this word cleverly placed on mantels or doorposts or wreaths. But I gravitated to it. Something deep inside felt a twinge when I’d place my eyes on it, and so, that is how I chose …

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How Can We Be Joyful in All Circumstances?

    “If you don’t like the weather, just give it a day or two; it will change.” I’ve heard people from Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Massachusetts say this. I always thought it ironic that those states aren’t anywhere near each other yet that phrase fits all three. Whenever a native would say those words I would think, “You haven’t lived …

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Bite of Bread: Filled With Joy

      Joy.  I think of “happy” as fleeting and surfacey but I think of “joy” as the deeper, more grown-up version of happy. Joy doesn’t depend on circumstances–not the joy God gives, because joy from God is birthed from His grace. This is how Rick Warren defines joy: Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all …

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How to find joy in the midst of fear and persecution

  The clouds hide the earth below. Vapor drifts over the airplane wing and I notice the miles left on the colorless metal. A small dint here, a dark spot there. How many times has this plane carried families to Disney World? I ponder this question as I fly to a writers conference outside Orlando. I always enjoy flying because …

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