The Light of the World

  They can make the darkest night beautiful. They can be one color or many. Twinkle or stare down the dark. They wrap around trees and homes, and bring cheer to a heart grieving–for a moment at least. They are Christmas lights. Our world celebrates Christmas in a lot of crazy ways that can take away … Continue reading “The Light of the World”

Bite of Bread: A Reading Plan to Fight Depression During Christmas

(The winner of The Jesus I Never Knew is at the end of the post!) Sometimes darkness sneaks inside my spirit. It circles my brain like a cloud of smoke, pours through my thoughts, and settles inside the crevices of my humanity. The darkness threatens my joy. It sucks the energy out of me. And … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: A Reading Plan to Fight Depression During Christmas”

What we have in common with Mary Magdalene

The Hills of Galilee where Mary Magdalene battled her demons. Mary M. battled seven demons. We don’t know how these demons manifested themselves, but it is almost certain they caused mental turmoil and drove Magdalene to lonely places of depression and darkness. Some of us can relate to such places even as Christians because the … Continue reading “What we have in common with Mary Magdalene”

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