When the Calling or Dream isn’t Looking Like You Thought it Would #WordWednesday

I wonder if Moses had any clue he signed up for forty years in the desert . . . when God called him to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. I wonder how he envisioned this assignment when he stood before the burning bush. I’m sure it didn’t exactly play out as he thought. We know he was … Continue reading “When the Calling or Dream isn’t Looking Like You Thought it Would #WordWednesday”

Does a Dream Lie Dormant inside of You?

  The other day I realized that I’m a writer. Silly, huh? A salary does not reward me the title…yet. But the fact that I spend the majority of my days typing at my computer does. My laptop is a good friend. I actually miss it when I haven’t had the chance to sit and … Continue reading “Does a Dream Lie Dormant inside of You?”

An Apology if Needed

How do you hear God? How do you know beyond knowing that what you are hearing and doing is directly from the throne?The throne of the One you want to please more than anyone else. I have struggled my whole life as a people pleaser. And teachers loved me. My parents didn’t have to punish me very … Continue reading “An Apology if Needed”

One of My Favorite Posts

Going through my archives. The advantage for writing a blog for 3 years. Picture by Andy Lee, TelAviv Israel ‘ This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. I shot it on the streets of TelAviv on the last day of a trip to Israel. My daughter was searching for the perfect prom dress, … Continue reading “One of My Favorite Posts”

The Blessing for a New Chapter

In what seems now to be another life, (though only 3 years ago) I was once a part-time pastor. There were several of us, a huge staff for a small church. But I loved it. It was one of those dreams I had held in my heart since college. I vividly remember standing in my freshmen … Continue reading “The Blessing for a New Chapter”

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