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One of My Favorite Posts

Going through my archives. The advantage for writing a blog for 3 years.

Picture by Andy Lee, TelAviv Israel

This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. I shot it on the streets of TelAviv on the last day of a trip to Israel. My daughter was searching for the perfect prom dress, so I took this picture for some ideas- really just for fun knowing she would love them. What I didn’t realize at the time was how colorful and beautiful they were and how the reflection of the store fronts would shine on the window.

I look at the dresses and dream of which one I would like to wear for a day. I would love to wear any of them except for the short blue. Give me length please! Cover up these legs! Oh, but the others are pure elegance and beauty. I think today I will choose the peach colored one. I love the scarf that will drape around my neck. Which one would you wear?

My friends, you are each beautiful. I chose to use these dresses for my blog because they not only represent my different moods and desires, but I believe they are a beautiful metaphor of our lives. You are the dresses in the window. They represent the beautiful and diverse women whose eyes are reading these words.

side note: If you so happen to be a man reading these words (I know I have a few guy readers once in awhile) please know how much we women need to know we’re pretty. Even if we aren’t, please tell us we are.

Picture by Andy Lee

I know you bless the lives of those around you. I want to encourage you today to take time for yourself. Rest. Paint your toenails if you wish (unless you’re a man). Soak in the shower or the tub. I know it is not very spiritual, but it may just be what your spirit needs to rejuvenate for the next person who will need your help. Close your eyes and picture yourself in one of these elegant dresses and dream of where you would go in it. Dreams are always more fun than reality!

I can wear high heels in my dreams.

There is a prince waiting for us on the other side. His name is Jesus.

Much grace and peace,

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