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My Date with Erma Bombeck

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones (Proverbs 17:22).

A few years ago, (the exact birthday is fuzzy) Mike gave me a set of books by this funny, funny woman. They sat on my bookshelf for a few years until recently.


I am often too lazy at night to go back down stairs to get a Bible if all of them (I usually leave one by my bed) have somehow grown legs and walked away from my bedside table. So, a few months ago (maybe a year ago, I can’t remember!) I desperately searched my bookshelves for something inspirational to read before I went to sleep.

And that is when I found Erma waiting patiently for me.

I don’t read her every night. It’s hit or miss. But when I do, I giggle throughout the chapter. I think Mike is jealous.


Laughter is good medicine.

When I got up today, the residue of my sinus infection was still affecting my body, and I caught myself being WAY too negative. That’s when I thought of Erma and our date last night. She’s becoming a dear friend. Immediately I knew there was something funny in the situation. I may not be Erma, but she rubs off after awhile.

If you struggle with the doldrums, or life just seems too hard at the moment, I recommend that you take two aspirin and read Aunt Erma’s Cope Book: How to Get From Monday to Friday…in 12 Days.


I leave you with a funny quote that made me giggle. You will appreciate it if you are over 40.


“…Even the boys began to notice that I was growing again. The combination of staying in the house, being alone so much, and being relaxed had turned me into an inflatable…it was discouraging. Just as soon as I got my head together, my body went. It wasn’t fair.” (p. 81).

Thank you, Erma, for the laughter.


Who makes you laugh?

Much grace and peace and giggles,

Andy Lee is a wife, mother of three, author, speaker, and blogger. She inspires her readers to step out into their call whether to a neighbor or nation to find purpose and joy using the gifts God has given them. She lives on the North Carolina Coast with her favorite people in the whole word, her family. She loves chocolate, geraniums, coffee, and Jesus.

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