An Apology if Needed

How do you hear God? How do you know beyond knowing that what you are hearing and doing is directly from the throne?The throne of the One you want to please more than anyone else. I have struggled my whole life as a people pleaser. And teachers loved me. My parents didn’t have to punish me very … Continue reading “An Apology if Needed”

Weather Change

A neighbor in Massachusetts once said to me regarding the weather, “If you don’t like it today, just hang around for a little bit and it will change.” Or something like that. I remember thinking, “This man has never lived in Oklahoma!” Talk about extreme and quick weather changes. That’s what happened yesterday. My somewhat gloomy … Continue reading “Weather Change”

5 Sparrows for Your Worries

A sweet friend e-mailed me on Friday asking if I was okay. My post Friday was a mere sentence plus a scripture verse. Maybe you noticed too. I’ve written short posts before, but that was a record. Just in case you were worried, I’m okay, just harried and in need of some Holy Spirit perspective … Continue reading “5 Sparrows for Your Worries”

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