Simplifying Christmas this Year



My body feels like I worked out yesterday. (But I didn’t.) When I awoke this morning and performed my routine stretch with my arms in the air, cracks and pops betrayed my younger self–the one that perceives herself as only thirty.

The culprit to my pain was not the gym. . . it was decorating for Christmas.

I spent the latter part of yesterday pulling out the treasures stored in blue plastic boxes all year long. I must confess that just as every year, after I unpacked the decorations, I wanted to go to the store to buy more pretties.

It’s tempting, but this year, I’m going to keep it simple. Not just because of my aching muscles, but because I’m hoping less will be more and that focusing on family and memories will help me. . .

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Wreaths now hang on each window of my home bow-less because their red ribbon faded. But I like it.

Homemade ornaments

The tree stands laden with ornaments made and purchased when my children;s hands were small and chubby. Rather than trying to make the tree resemble a Pinterest dream this year, I went for the heart. No filler ornaments of red and gold bulbs, just memories grace its branches.

I considered buying a new tree-skirt, but while unloading my boxes I found a Christmas blanket of my mom’s. It now graces the floor under the tree and touches my heart.

And of course the nativity rests on the coffee table for all to see.

I know many of us are working on keeping the focus on Jesus this Christmas.

What are you doing to make Christmas less about our traditions and more about Him? Your comments encourage others and enter you into a Key Word Bible giveaway! Click here to learn more.

Much Grace,



For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. . . . (Isaiah 9:6).


  1. Great post, Andy! I’m keeping it more focused on Christ this year by simplifying my Christmas shopping. I have spent much time in years past trying to find that perfect gift for each person, but this year we’re more focused on spending time with others instead of time in the stores searching through the masses. We haven’t given up giving gifts, but we’ve placed less emphasis on them this year. :)

    1. Hey Jean thanks for stopping by and sharing how you are simplifying your Christmas. Great ideas! What if we replaced a shopping day with a day just visiting. I like it!

  2. So true– the older we get the more we appreciate the simple things– not gifts, parties or elaborate decorations but good memories and love of family and friends

    1. Am I just getting older and wiser, Sandy?! :)

  3. Debbie

    You have hit right where I am living! God seems to use my health issues to teach me and wake me up to things I need to change or let go of. For starters, I simply do not have the energy to expend on all the decorating and baking I’ve always done. And you know what? I simply don’t want to anymore! Less is more. Simple can be beautiful…and more meaningful. Honestly, I just want my home and my spirit to reflect the calm beauty of Jesus. If I don’t put out as many decorations or don’t bake ten different kinds of cookies, it really is okay…as long as I’m not tied up in knots and Jesus is the focus. Time to focus on the true meaning of Christmas…and really let it sink in. Time to truly enjoy Jesus and others. That’s my goal this year!

    1. I’m so with you Debbie! I pray you have a filled, peaceful Christmas!

  4. My tiny apartment allows for no decorations at all really, but helping my 80-year-old grandmother decorate her home which is so important to her is my preparation for the season.

    1. Samantha, I love the idea of you helping your grandmother. That’s so Christmas! You two are blessed.

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