Simplifying Christmas this Year

    My body feels like I worked out yesterday. (But I didn’t.) When I awoke this morning and performed my routine stretch with my arms in the air, cracks and pops betrayed my younger self–the one that perceives herself as only thirty. The culprit to my pain was not the gym. . . it … Continue reading “Simplifying Christmas this Year”

Bite of Bread: January 13-19 (Pinterest and Doing Good)

  I did it. I made a Pinterest account. (Smile). I put it off for a year because it seemed like another time-sucking activity. I was also a little afraid. I confess that new technological stuff scares me. What if I mess up? But fear is: False Evidence (of things) Appearing Real The sky didn’t … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: January 13-19 (Pinterest and Doing Good)”

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