Bite of Bread: The Prophecies, the Power




I hope this week, despite the busyness of this time of year, we can find time every morning to sit in silence. Despite our late nights, let’s set our alarm clocks an hour early.

Anybody throwing tomatoes at me yet?

This is what I know. This is what I’ve learned through all my years as a Christian and especially my “mommy” years. I need silence to hear His Presence. And no other silence fills me like the early morning kind when it’s still dark outside.

The Bite of Bread scriptures this week are powerful. They are thought provoking, majestic, eternal words that cut through time. They are words proclaiming the divinity of Jesus who stepped down from His throne of light to meet us in the darkness. Words prophesying His power, authority and victory. And words that just might help us understand why the Jewish people and leaders were expecting a different kind of Messiah.

If we learn anything from this week’s prophecies, may we learn that God always has a better plan than we can fathom.

Light your candle, pour the coffee, gather your journal and pen. And sit. with. the. Savior.



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When is your favorite time of day to read the Bite of Bread and spend time in His Presence?

Much grace and love,



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