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How to have Joy despite Your Circumstances

Remember that joy is not dependent on your circumstances….True joy is the by-product of living in My Presence. Therefore you can experience it in palaces, in prisons…anywhere (Jesus Calling October 5). I need to be reminded of this. Sometimes when I’m stuck in the middle of my calling–it’s been years since I’ve heard the call, yet I’m just half-way to getting to where I think …

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How to Accomplish More Doing Less

When you spend time with Me, I restore your sense of direction. As you look to me for guidance, I enable you to do less but accomplish more (Jesus Calling, August 29). I’m all about multi-tasking. Besides shopping the 70% off rack at Target, multi-tasking is one of my favorite things to do. Maybe I love multi-tasking because I feel like I’m …

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Why Doesn’t God Heal Everybody?

I rarely heal all the brokenness in a person’s life. Even My servant Paul was told, “My grace is sufficient for you,” when he sought healing for the “thorn in his flesh”. Nonetheless, much healing is available to those whose lives are intimately interwoven with Mine. “Ask and you will receive” (Jesus Calling, August 20). I have struggled with Mathew …

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When Do You Sneak Away With God?

Spending time with Me is essential for your well-being. It is not a luxury or an option; it is a necessity. Therefore, do not feel guilty about taking time to be with Me (Jesus Calling, May 15). When my kids were very young, they were terrible sleepers. I rarely got a whole night’s sleep without interruption. Of course, it could’ve …

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Independent Thinkers

image @ Let me control your mind. The mind is the most restless, unruly part of mankind. Long after you have learned the discipline of holding your tongue, your thoughts defy your will and set themselves up against Me. Man is the pinnacle of my creation, and the human mind is wondrously complex. I risked all by granting you …

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