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How to Accomplish More Doing Less

When you spend time with Me, I restore your sense of direction. As you look to me for guidance, I enable you to do less but accomplish more (Jesus Calling, August 29).

I’m all about multi-tasking. Besides shopping the 70% off rack at Target, multi-tasking is one of my favorite things to do.

Maybe I love multi-tasking because I feel like I’m getting away with something, or maybe it just feels good to get many things done. For me, using my crock-pot is the ultimate in multi-tasking because I can cook a good meal and shop the 75% off rack at Target at the same time! This makes my heart smile just thinking of it.

I judge how successful and valuable my day was by how much I got done. And I often am discouraged when it appears I’ve done nothing, but I know I’ve spent four hours on the computer writing posts and articles.

The words in Jesus Calling jumped out at me this morning. I got stuck on the words enable you to do less but accomplish more. It was as if Jesus were saying, “You try so hard. You keep yourself so busy doing trivial things. You give yourself an A if you get a lot done. Slow down. Spend time with me. The trivial will get done in time, but I have more for you to do. My more can’t always be seen.”

I like the thought of accomplishing more and doing less. It’s amazing how my day does fall into place much more gracefully when I put time with Him first.

What about you?

Though you may be tempted to rush off to work today without spending some quality time with Jesus, trade something trivial (like unloading the dishwasher) for time with Him. I promise that the dishes will get done some time.

When something stressful happens today, don’t panic. Don’t rush to conclusions or try to fix the problem in your strength or wisdom. Ask Jesus for help. Wait until He gives the answer.

More will be accomplished.

Come to think of it, perhaps spending time with Jesus is the ultimate in multi-tasking and using my crock-pot second. Who knows how prayers affect the world unseen which accomplish greater things in our lives today!

Much grace,

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? ….But seek His kingdom and these things will be given to you as well (Luke 12:25,31).


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  1. Great words of inspiration. With Jesus Christ, I can achieve more by doing less.

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