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Tangible Promises of God

You set a boundary they cannot cross; never again will they (the oceans’ waters) cover the earth (Psalm 104:9 addition mine).

I was helping my elderly neighbor clean out her desk yesterday. She is legally blind, so she needed me to read EVERYTHING and help her make a decision of whether or not something should be thrown away. She hates wasting anything. ANYTHING! So it is safe to say we didn’t throw much away.

Some of the things we came across were cartoons and jokes. She loves to laugh–then again, who doesn’t? How we need to laugh. Maybe some of us should start saving jokes and cartoons, but I digress…

One of the cartoons was a drawing of two dinosaurs on an island. They were standing side-by-side staring out into the ocean waving. Farther out in the water was Noah’s ark. And the caption read, “Oh man! Was that today?”

We laughed. The dinosaurs had missed the boat.

This morning I came across Psalm 104:9. It’s one of my favorites. I love the tangibleness of this verse. It’s a promise I can see and experience every day if I choose. I can plop down on the beach and watch the waves roll onto the shore, and I can watch the invisible boundaries set up by God stop the waters from overtaking the beach.

Sometimes life gets hard. Prayers don’t seem to be answered, troubles seem to multiply, and we wonder about the power, goodness, and faithfulness of God. We feel like we missed the boat. But when we start to think this way, we need to begin looking for the tangible goodness and promises of God because they’re all around us.

I would love to hear what you see today as a tangible promise of God. Let’s encourage one another with what we find!

Much grace,

ps. …also pray for those in the path of the hurricane.


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