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How to have Joy despite Your Circumstances

Remember that joy is not dependent on your circumstances….True joy is the by-product of living in My Presence. Therefore you can experience it in palaces, in prisons…anywhere (Jesus Calling October 5).

I need to be reminded of this. Sometimes when I’m stuck in the middle of my calling–it’s been years since I’ve heard the call, yet I’m just half-way to getting to where I think and hope is the goal of the call– I am tempted to lose my joy in the process. The daily mundane smells musty after awhile.

But JOY.

Joy is always fresh. It doesn’t grow stale because joy is rooted in something, or rather Someone, much deeper and surer and stronger than my reality. Joy is not a bubble that can pop at any given moment. Joy has wisdom about it.

Joy knows the secret called faith and trusts that today is exactly the day it is supposed to be for an eternal purpose much greater than it appears.

It is a by-product of the Holy Spirit in believers–the second fruit of the Spirit. Love is first.

Do you need some joy in your life?  Who of us couldn’t use a little bit more joy today?

Listen to this: “For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and JOY in His dwelling place” (1 Chronicles 16:27).

Where can we find joy? In Him. In His dwelling place. And where does HE dwell?

He dwells with those who acknowledge His presence and power. Jesus hangs around those who worship Him. He is in His book.

Remember, worship is more than singing. Worship is trust. Worship is obedience. Worship is love.

May I pray? “Oh Lord, we need your presence! Forgive us of our sins and dwell within our hearts. Help us trust Your choice for us today. Walk with us and make our lives a worship offering. We want Your joy, not the world’s fickle happiness. Amen.”

I pray you have a  “Full of Joy” day and weekend. Supernatural joy that makes absolutely no sense on the outside.

Much grace,


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