Fear, Oppression, and Sadness are Invitations for Healing

      My stomach was in knots.  I busied myself with morning chores awaiting the phone call. I just had a feeling that it was going to be painful. Though the sun shone outside, my spirit felt a storm coming. And it did. I answered the call, and after our niceties she gave me … Continue reading “Fear, Oppression, and Sadness are Invitations for Healing”

When My Lazarus Died

I am Mary of Bethany today, Lost in a sea of wondering. My friend Jesus seems far away, He has not returned my calls for healing.   I thought surely he’d answer quickly. He loves Lazarus so. But the days go by without a word, And I’m wondering where he did go.   Perhaps he … Continue reading “When My Lazarus Died”

Desperate Places

He was on His way to answer a father’s dire plea. She was desperate. Despite the crowded streets of Jerusalem that day, they both pushed through to complete their tasks. Jesus was on a very important mission. So was she. She had been bleeding as many years as the young girl Jesus was heading to visit. Strange … Continue reading “Desperate Places”

I Celebrate Her Life

I am not one for anniversaries. I will celebrate the happy ones (though I don’t do that very well), but I definitely do not remember or celebrate dates that are sad. Something in my brain just won’t let me keep those dates stored. But something in me feels the need to remember my sister today. … Continue reading “I Celebrate Her Life”

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