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Word Wednesday: Where to find Strength and Joy/ Maqowm



I’ve noticed something about myself that I’ve never noticed before.

I need to be alone.

I need silence.

Do you? I bet you do–maybe even more than you know.

Whether you’re a momma with small children or an almost empty-nester like me–we need a quiet moment in the day to recharge our spirits.

But not just any kind of silence will do.

Silence can be lonely. Empty.

But silence spent in the Presence of God fills us with strength and joy.

Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and joy in His dwelling place.” ~1Chron. 16:27


The Hebrew words that form this sentence are beautiful. But I’ll only focus on one. “Dwelling place” is the translated counterpart for the ancient word, maqowm; it’s definition is:

“Dwelling place” is lovely, but “standing place” puts me right at His feet. If I’m simply where He dwells, I picture myself in His house. But if I’m where He stands, I’m right next to Him. I’m in His Presence.

And honestly, if He is standing, I see myself on my knees bowed as low as I can go. Something happens when I get on my knees, my face to the ground.

[tweetability]If you are running near empty in the joy and strength department, place yourself next to Him–His standing place.[/tweetability]


Pray with me?

“Lord, our lives are so loud and hectic. We thank you for all the people and blessings that make the noise during our day. But when we feel our strength waning and our joy fading please help us get away if only for a moment to a place all alone (even if it’s the bathroom with the door locked.) Let us fall on our knees right at your maqowm, your standing place. Recharge us with your joy and your strength. We love you. Amen and Amen.”


Where do you feel the Presence or standing place of God? Do you receive joy and strength for the day when you’re there?

See you Friday!


The Lord be with you,











  1. Jan Doke

    This is a very deep need that I have been aware of in myself for years. For one who could win a talk marathon, it seems surprising, but I find myself feeling that noise, even much talking, acts as a vexation to my spirit, and I run for some silent spot, away from society, to be near God in a more directly focused way. I like learning about this “standing place.”

    1. I remember this need in you. Guess I’m catching up. :) Love you friend.

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