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Bite of Bread Bible Reading Plan: Seeking the Highest Gift



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A few years ago, maybe a lot of years ago (it’s too early to do the math), I had the honor of reading 1 Corinthians 13 at my niece’s wedding.

I practiced it over and over  and over again, trying to ingest it comprehend it, so that my reading was more of a recitation. As I chewed on each verse–especially the 1st five verses, I was blown away by the fact that even if I could speak the languages of angels, be incredibly wise and prophetic, philanthropy oosed out of me every minute of my life helping those in need, or I died for my faith, it would all be for nothing if I did not have love.

This chapter is so well known many of us could recite it in our sleep. But familiarity causes us to read too quickly. We just scrape the icing, but we don’t get to the cake underneath.

The Bite of Bread takes you through 1 Corinthians 13 this week at a tortoise pace. Ingest it my friends. Journal. Receive fresh understanding of what it really means to have love and why it’s the gift we should be pursuing more than any other.

My prayer is that with the Holy Spirit’s help, we will be changed.

Thanks for joining me!


Bite of Bread _Love_(May 19-25)


Much love, (you’re easy to love!)



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