Living and Dying, Poem

What Would You Do Differently Today?: A Poem about Living


I’ve decided that summertime Fridays are a good time to bring back some of the popular posts. I don’t recall what prompted this poem. But…whatever it was, I know I needed to read it again. I pray it brings you clarity, hope, strength, and thanksgiving for the goodness of God. I also pray it encourages all of us to think about the legacy we will leave. And finally, I pray that if peace is a rare commodity in your life, this will usher some of it into your heart.


swan alone on lake hannah


If you knew the number of your days.

If nothing seemed to be going your way.

And pain and strife were your middle name

What would you do differently today?


If Elohiym had whispered to you

That in a few days He would choose

To bring you home rather than rescue you

What would you do?


Would you put up a fight and clinch your teeth

Wrestle Him down insisting relief

On this side of heaven to prove God is he.

And fix all earthly problems with speed?


Or would this knowledge a blessing be?

You’d acknowledge the goodness of He

Who’s told you that your days will flee

And soon in heaven you will be.


What would you want to leave behind,

Would it be a legacy of pain and strife,

Or would joy and peace be your legacy of life?

Leaving a story of love behind.


Love between you and the One who saved

The world with His life which He freely gave.

The One who promises to faithfully stay.

And because of Him our end does not come with the grave.


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The fruit of our placing all things in His hands is the presence of His abiding peace in our hearts. ~ Hannah Whitall Smith

I’m praying His peace on you today.

Much love,


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    1. Thank you, Starla!

  1. venus schrader

    Andy, Amazing poem thank you for sharing. My answer LOVE more.
    Be blessed.

    1. Thanks Venus. Amen to your answer!

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