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Bite of Bread: Bible Reading Plan on Freedom


Photo by Kim Andrist
Photo by Kim Andrist


It seemed fitting that our scriptures would be focused on freedom this week. As we celebrate living in a country founded on freedom, may we chew on the spiritual freedom we have because of Jesus.

If you’ve been using the Bite of Bread, I’d so appreciate your feedback. How is your Bible reading going? Is the Bite of Bread helping? Do you wish the “bites” were longer? Do you want to have questions with them? What can I do to help you get more out of your daily time with God?Leave a comment below or e-mail me at

Grab your coffee, light a candle, dust off that journal, and spend time with eternal, living, life changing, freeing words. There’s no other book like it. Your heart will thank you. Freedom is here. No other book frees my spirit like this one. (More on that later.)


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