The Day Nobody Went to Church

Okay, first, somebody probably gathered in their church building somewhere in the world, but the majority of us did not. Laws put in place to stop large gatherings and prevent the spread of coronavirus kept us home. There has never been a day like this in the history of the world. But despite the mandate … Continue reading “The Day Nobody Went to Church”

forgive yourself

When I Need Grace to Forgive Myself

Forgive or not to forgive, that’s the question. (But we know the answer is to forgive, right?) Last week I wrote about the grace God gave me to forgive someone who’d hurt me deeply. His grace took away the pain and empowered me to be genuinely kind and at peace with the situation. We also … Continue reading “When I Need Grace to Forgive Myself”

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Humility Goes a Long Way

Humility Doesn’t Demand She no longer could sit on her hands. Ruth HAD to do SOMETHING. They desperately needed food, so Ruth did what she could. She’d heard that Naomi’s God allowed widows and foreigners to glean in harvested fields, and Ruth was both–a foreigner and a widow. She fit the requirements, so she bravely … Continue reading “Humility Goes a Long Way”

The Kindness, Mercy, and Faithfulness of God- His Chesed

Chesed is an ancient Hebrew word. One that most Americans don’t know. I have a framed version on my desk at school, and it often receives questions and funny looks. “What’s . . . CH-EES-D?” they ask. I smile and relish the opportunity to tell about my favorite attribute of God, and I think the … Continue reading “The Kindness, Mercy, and Faithfulness of God- His Chesed”

You Are A Shining Light in A Dark World

Lights can make the darkest night beautiful. They can be one color or many, twinkle or stare down the dark. They wrap around trees and homes and bring cheer to our hearts even those grieving. Some Christmas light displays don’t represent a holy night, but there’s something special that shining lights do. It’s more than … Continue reading “You Are A Shining Light in A Dark World”

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